check icon What is Security.Care?

Security.Care is a multifunctional service that focuses its effort on acquiring, analyzing and classifying cyber threats.

It provides monitoring and protection services for small and medium businesses.

We'll find your weaknesses before Hackers do.

Welcome to Security.Care, a unique InfoSec Consulting Firm that constantly tries to find, report and help mitigate weaknesses in your infrastructure that could potentially cause a Data Breach.

Many companies have what they need when it comes to InfoSec - but when it comes down to the people behind the keyboards, there is a lot of room for Social Engineering which could allow for some of the largest data breaches to go unnoticed.

We will put our Grey Hats on and figure out a way to bypass your infrastructure security. If we can't, we'll start our more creative approach and try and get past them through your employees. This is a special service that we offer in order for you and your corporation to experience real-world intrusion attempts and then mitigate them.

Defend the Wall. Our team will not only test your firewalls but your human firewalls as well. We will try to find a way into your network, and when found, we'll consult you on how to fix or mitigate the attack. A lot of companies are surprised at how access is often gained

Scan your server now and get it fixed fast!

If you’re looking for the infrastructure protection solutions or if you’re interested in having real time perimeter monitoring, please contact us.